I'm not restless

 It's like punching me to the max when I've got such different recommendations and arguments, even judgments. However, I'm gonna always stick to my plan. Even I might pass that if I lower the standard.

I don't know what happens to me. I don't know about me. Why do I just too optimistic? Am I blinded? Do I really believe in fortune? Since I know, I can make my own fortune by doing good things to people around us.

I love it though I know it's really hard. People have the different perspective, and it makes me confuse. Is that what I've chosen is right? I know I'm too ambitious. I am. But I didn't consider other things. I'm just consistent with no reason. I just love it.

But still, I'm not gonna restless. I choose this and only this. Period.

Too high? I know. But we'd better try than we give up before the match. There nothing wrong with trying. What else we do on this earth if not trying? And if we failed, at least we've tried and our question is answered.

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