Am I Too Confident?

It's not that I'm overconfident to choose that,'s kinda hard to say. Perhaps, I'm just too in love with that thing until I can't opt for another thing. Or am I just too consistent? I just don't care what others choose and what the crowd is saying.

I realized that it might be really difficult. Perhaps, they think I dream too high. Anyway, I just wanna challenge myself. I know it's not easy, but I'll never know if I never try. I'm actually afraid. I know there might be the easier way, but I choose the harder. How crazy it sounds? However, I don't know, I just believe that the fortune will come to me.

I might be dreaming about the things that might be too hard to reach, and you probably think that. But I believe in myself even there are bad talks surround me. I convinced myself cause my friend also said that "you can't be successful if you don't believe in yourself. Success starts with our confidence".
I might stick with the early decision that's not strong enough. I'm consistent. I also believe, success also starts from a thousand failure. So, that's okay. If it fails, I will try again.

I hear every judgment, every advice, which not sometimes makes me think again. Can I? Can I get that? Or will I be a loser?

I realized it's really 'high-level' and I'm clearly none. I might be just too ambitious. Or too optimistic. Honestly, I'm prepared for the possible things that might happen.

I know I may fail. Or everybody knew it that I will fail. But, at least, if I fly the hopes higher, it will fall not too down low.

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