Boys Become Men When They....

(This was originally posted on  18 December 2011 on this blog)

Follow you when you walk out
Call you back when you hang up
Hug you when you punch him
Kiss you when you nag
Watch click-flicks with you
Tolerate your crying over love stories
Hand you the remote control
Pass on booze night just to listen your rantings
Don't flare up when you give a car direction
Says I'm sorry and tell you he needs you




Well, that was all just so cheesy, too drama, and non-realistic. It's me, in 2018 is totally different from 7 years ago. I'm sure everybody does. As we grown up, we don't really need all those things no more. But here's I guess what we need.

Actually, boys become men when they..
Care about you
Respect you as a woman
Responsible enough
Can make you a better person
Support what you do as long as it's positive
Grown up enough
Love their family
Can be a leader (at least, can lead you)
Support your happiness
Don't harm you
Don't hurt you
Don't like giving promises
Care about themselves and their own future

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