My Favorite Look from Met Gala 2018: Saoirse Ronan

Have I told you that she's one of my favorite actresses? (my other favorite actresses are Anne Hathaway and Keira Knightley, in case you wanna know it). The first movie of Saoirse Ronan I saw was Atonement, and since I disliked the character she played in the movie, I also began to dislike her. However, after I saw her other movies, I began to like her. I love her acting and her character, and her accents. LOL. And I guess, many people know her from Lady Bird movie.

She's not just talented, but I think she keeps being herself too. And this is her in Met Gala 2018 a few days ago. Despite others were trying 'too hard' and put too much effort by wearing 'heavy' outfit to look stand out, she keeps being simple and elegant with a tulle top and flare pants from Cushnie et Ochs.

Image source: Fashionista

Her makeup is also so natural. Can you just believe it? I really love it. Boys, don't you just like her? Isn't she perfect? Oh my, if I were a boy, I'm definitely gonna love her! She's the definition of elegant. She doesn't need to put too much effort to be liked by many people. Most importantly, she's not trying to be someone else.

Image source: Fashionista

Girls, I think she teaches us something. We should be like her too. I mean, we should also be proud of ourselves and never try to be someone else that we're not or follow the surroundings. Just be whatever you want and not everyone else's. We have to believe in ourselves, we have to be confident.

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