Something Clear

Clear can be defined from our heart, and the honest of mind. Something clear isn't always have to be white. Blue also can be defined as clear. So, I picked my self-made batik pants to wear this time. It's really playful to pair white with the sky blue. It becomes a fresh look.

The detail:

I wore my favorite brocade top paired with my self-made long vest with slit and all in white, then paired with my (also self-made) batik pants in blue. To match with the pants, I wore my sky blue pashmina. I also combined with my sand wedges, it's from UP by Diana Rikasari (you need to check it, the collections are all cute!!). Not to forget to bring my transparent clear clutch with a white pouch in it, and the last touch, I added Katniss necklace from my brand, Confidential.

Assignments, presentations, are best friends for college student. It needs to refresh our mind to walk around and look for something joyful. Recently, I've visited Langgeng Art, Yogyakarta with friends. We have only just several times to visit this art museum but it was a good day to go out in a limited time.

This is Elin 

This one is Linda, she has come back from Philippines after taking an Exchange Program

And she is Novi

It's good to enjoy in this place, the place is quiet and peace. You can have a leisure time here, but unfortunately, there's no food and chips there, so it might be boring to stay for a long time. But still, it can be your next destination when you come to Yogyakarta, especially for those who likes arts and philosophy.



  1. Beautiful photos. I'm your new GFC follower # 76 if you want to come on my blog ^ - ^

  2. Foto-fotonya bagus :)



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