Random Thoughts and Ramadhan Greeting

Hi!! Happy Ramadhan for all Muslims in the entire world! The holy month is starting again and let's do something more benefit to ourselves and people surrounding us.
This ramadhan is different for me since it's my first time have my first fasting day in my dorm. Yaa, it's my second year at college, but last year I have my Ramadhan surrounding by my family since the lectures had done and Ramadhan begins at the holiday. But this semester is not, I have to have Ramadhan in my dorm with the others until my exams done. However, it's not that bad, there are still friends who also live in dorm and do fasting without family. It's a new experience, tho. I enjoy this, but still, I wanna soon to go home.
BTW, my exam will begin next week for two weeks, and the assignments are waiting to be done. It's kinda busy week, not only for this week but since the first June, I feel like I have limited time, that's why I couldn't update my blog post often. But, indeed, it's fun! I'm not a typical busy person, and I didn't join any organization. But, join committee is indeed so fun! I have new friends, and new experiences of course, and without stick to a thing and have a responsibility for too long in a period.
To look for experiences, we don't have to join organization, but doesn't mean we become a passive student. When you stick into your passiveness or still hold onto your independence, what you'll get is nothing. So, even if you don't like to be a busy person or stick to an organization, join committee might be a good choice. I've just barely realized it since I join some committees, I feel almost no negative effect after this, instead I get lotsssa benefits.
So, since we're still young, experiences are good to fulfill our boring life, to live a better life and to get you more professional and get you more capable. Once again, happy fasting! This Ramadhan will be benefit and enjoyable if you say so.

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