One (Really) Fine Day

I'm about to share my trip on last April 3 and 4 with my college friends. We've decided to go the beach! I've wished it would be amazing cause I've never been going camping at the beach. We've planned a long time before it held, and it was actually been canceled but luckily, the trip was held.

So, here we go. Begin the story at afternoon, we started the trip on 3 p.m. planned to reach the sunset after we arrive and finished build a tend, but the time wasn't enough and we've arrived at 6, means that we couldn't see the sunset. Though we've disappointed, a bit, we still had so much fun there.

This was the nite atmosphere:
The blurry photo of us
We brought two tends, (actually) one for the girls, and the other for the boys, but some of us weren't sleep that nite
Wishing star falls for the second time

Meanwhile in the morning.....
We've got a little bit of sunrise. It's not the perfect one, but it's still quite good to enjoy our morning at this beach. Took took photos again. There was a little hill with some cottages there to see the beautiful Sadranan from above. The hill was full of cute plants, and corals, and some pine trees hiding behing the cottages.

A failed jumping pose
The side of the cottage
Sadranan from above
Us in full formation see the new hopes of other vacation! :p

Uh eh, I forgot to mention where it was. The beauty of Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, has attracted us too bad because it has amazing beaches to visit. and Sadranan beach is one of those. This was my first-ever trip to go camping on beach, and it was cool! I mean, I've got some new energies to recharge my almost-boring college day. LOL. So, wait up my another escape....prepare to watch lots photos again!


I like to hear your thoughts! So, don't hesitate to comment :)