My (First-Ever) Haul Post

Yayyy. It's my first-ever haul post! Since, I've decided to make my blog as a lifestyle blog which consists of fashions, travels, beauty picks, and DIY-craft things, and because of my consciousness as a girl should know about beauty stuffs, so then this post was arranged.
You know, now I'm kinda like addicted to a lipstick, because somehow one of my friend could influence me, and because of my new hobby; stalking some beauty blogs, and search for some reviews of some kind of beauty stuffs before I decide to buy it. And because of my friend's influences, I began to look for what's best lipstick for me, that suits me without should be following what's becoming the trend now. Because I realize, the trends somehow not always match to you, yourself. But if it suits, why not to try? That is why, I love to look for the reviews, which lipstick is good for my dark and dry lips.

As I've ever mentioned in this post, I like every lipstick which has soft pinky, nude, peach, and other neutral colors. And this time, I collect somehow nudey colors to my daily use to go campus. I also prefer to matte lipstick rather than shiny, simply just because matte lipstick doesn't seem over, and I like being simple.

Sometimes, it's a bit difficult to find matte lipstick that doesn't make my lips dry. So, after I look for some reviews, I found Revlon Matte Lipstick in Mauve It Over (003) in which I loooovee the color so much! And I think I will buy the other colors next time, because it doesn't make my lips dry (of course, I always apply lip balm before I use my lipstick). Also I found Makeover Ultra Hi Matte in Silky Blonde which has pretty color. Unfortunately, I did't find that Silky Blonde color. Instead, I bought Makeover Creamy Lust in Frappz Nude (10) and it also matte.

Somehow, those lipstick has similar color, but after I apply it on my lips, there are much different. The Mauve It Over has the same color as my lips, it's a bit like a darker nude or something. However, for Frappz Nude lipstick, it's lighter than Mauve It Over and I think it's too pale for my skin color. I was so sorry not to post the swatches in this post because of some reasons, but I promise later I will show you how these both lipstick appear in me. And here's the swatches on my hand...

Top: Makeover Creamy Lust in Frappz Nude (10), Bottom: Revlon Matte Lipstick in Mauve it Over (003)

Thanks for reading my blog, and more beauty post to come!

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