The Art of Life

Being alone in other people's hometown isn't a really matter for me. I like to be free basically, because I don't like being ruled that much :p You can call me as an independent person and yes it's me. However, I'm still one of a kinda spoiled girl in a certain time. I love blogging, I love being alone, I love my leisure time as much! I always enjoy every second of happy time in my life.
Thing you need to know about me is that I don't like to become a follower. Follower is a kind of person who doesn't have their statement of life. I think, they also never enjoy they own life even appreciate their life as a thing that they should build. That's why I hate whoever copycat me :p because I also don't like to follow other people. I'm happy to be myself.
Basically, I don't do loving the arts, because I don't know essentially what art is. However, as a person who know how meaningful this life for the next life, I appreciate life as an art itself. In this world, we can see any kind of thing that have been developed by humans. Any kind of thoughts, concepts, new thing even always coming up.
I love my hands become so itchy of things around me. I like to be different in any kind of way! Just like my dormitory which is full of some kind of weird (other people says, maybe) things. Seems I want to decorate it to become a newly fresh even everyday. However, it's impossible for me to change it all day by day haha.
In this quick post, I also want to share a li'l bit part of my dormitory, places around me, and thing that I've captured in recent days. And I promise, I'll share every inch of my tiny room after I've done decorate it. Yupps, because that's not enough for me, I still need to decorate it to be perfectly decorated. Just like it's a room therapy that can heal the stress to face the life. Anddd, when you enjoy your life, you might be saying..Oh what a life!!

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