DIY: Scalloped Top

One thing I love to do when I become a college is that I can mix and match whatever is saved in my dresser and dressing like what I want and follow my mood also. One day, I feel so bored of what I'm wearing everyday. It seems like, I need something new. Then, I just looked at my dresser and was wondering why some of my clothes aren't wore. Instantly, I thought about, why don't we make something new by recycling the old one? The brilliant idea comes....
I found my old vintage dress and it less long, about 7 cm above my ankle. It was cute to be mixed with my semi blazer, however the length is too short for my leg.

I feel like it's all vintage, but........

It wasn't a perfect long dress anyway. It's also not funny if you wear a shorten-long dress to go to campus or just hang out. It makes me never wear it again. So, then my brain was blinking, then come an idea to make the new DIY (yeah finally, I got my DIY done again!!)

And here I'm gonna show you the steps:

  1. Measure how long you're gonna cut the dress with ruler.
  2. Cut the line that you've drew, be careful and make sure it's not tilt.
  3. Then, you have your dress cut
  4. Prepare something circle in its surface (such as glass, bottle, etc.) to be a mold for the scallop
  5. Put the glass on the new top
  6. Draw a less than a half circle (tips: before you draw a circle, you have to draw a line as a border, so that the scallop will have the same size.
  7. Done. It's better if you wanna sew it, but if not, it's fine too.

That was the result! Isn't that cute just like something new you've bought? Haha. Now you can feel something fresh in you dresser. For your information, a fresh thing in your dresser can influence your mood to dress. So, let's get dress a new vintage scallop top!

See ya at the next DIY post :D

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