Fashion Tips

As a girl, definitely, you love fashion (no, I mean, most girls love fashion). There're some tips for you to face the 'fashion world'. And here they are.
  • Don't ever be a fashion victim
  • Don't always follow the trend, choose your own style. Gotta have your personal style, baby!
  • Remember, you don't need to buy new stuff to look trendy. There are some kinds of stuff in your closets (or mom's) and you can still wear it your way to look stylish. Remember rule number two, gotta have your personal style!
  • Don't throw away the clothes you never worn again. There might be trendy again next time! You can still be able to wear it, don't throw away.
  • Don't be too much because less is more. The best way is to show your signature is by wearing accessories
  • Branded stuff are never reflect your personality. Wear the stuff which reflects who you are. So, don't ever push too hard to have branded. You don't always need to wear branded stuff anyway! There are a lot of affordable fashion items that can make you stand out (and elegant, and classy) right now.

Source: Top Tips for Girls book

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