#sociolla2ndanniversary How to Get A Flawless Skin with Sociolla

Before I tell you how to get a flawless skin, here I got it covered for you about Sociolla and its 2nd anniversary. Sociolla is a beauty e-commerce in Indonesia and you guys might already know that my blog is having a partnership with it. I really love Sociolla cause there I can find the products I look for. Plus, there are many promos, discounts, and Beauty Point I can redeem for the next purchases.

This year, Sociolla turns two! *Claps* There are a lot more promos and discounts that are prepared for this March. One of the things is you can get a happiness kit for every purchase on March and no minimum purchase. Customize the happiness kit yourself, choose which one that makes you happy. And here is what I customize my happiness kit. I dream about a flawless skin since it's been a year since I'm suffering from acne and its scars. I also like listening to music and everything about makeup. As a blogger, I do love browsing and keep up with my laptop, and the last thing, who doesn't need money anyway? :p

You can show things that make you happy and join the Instagram giveaway by posting your happiness kit. For more information, visit instagram.com/sociolla. There are also the details about weekly giveaways that you can also join. This month will be full of happiness like the stickers do.

Other than that, you can get free exclusive sample if your purchase is exceeding IDR 300.000.

Sociolla also has special and limited Sociolla Birthday Packages for you. It comes in 9 choices of bestselling product on Sociolla with special Sociolla Birthday Box! The packages are in discounted price! I know, I know, this is the real surprises. So, what are you waiting for? Click here if you wanna purchase one (or more) of them. This birthday package is limited and only available till March 31, so go grab them. right. now!

So here it is, I'm gonna share you how to get a flawless skin with Sociolla. To have a flawless skin, all you need is the right products and having a Bright Ideas. Bright Ideas is started with a clear mind and positive vibes. By being happy and smile can help you get it. As a number one beauty e-commerce, Sociolla also understands so much about the way to have a flawless skin.

A flawless skin means we have a healthy and bright skin. I'm sure every woman needs it, no matter what skin color you have, we just don't care. Cause, brighter doesn't mean you have to lighten your skin, you just need your skin to be not to look dull. And a way to have that is starting by cleansing your skin well. For me, Cetaphil is the best, best skincare that works for me so far. As you've seen in my previous post that I really love Cetaphil. You can shop Cetaphil here and get a 35% discount!

There are other products that will help your skin brighter and healthier. Sociolla gives the solution this week. In celebrating Sociolla anniversary, you will be helped to find your best partner for your healthier and brighter skin. Bright Ideas come with discounts up to 50% of all items (valid till March 22 only). It is the right time to save your money and get a better skin as well!

You, need a Glowy Radiant Skin as well, right? After knowing how to get a healthy skin, you might probably want your skin to be looked glowing like Korean Idols, perhaps? LOL. Anyway, here I got the step by step for you.

First thing first, is always going to be cleansing. If you cleanse your skin well, the other products will absorb well too. Anyway, you don't have to follow the products above, still, you have to choose that suits your skin. Sociolla gives you options in order to get Glow, Radiance Skin and you can purchase it here. You can also get IDR 50.000 discount of IDR 250.000 minimum purchase by inserting SBNLA0N in the checkout box (not available for discounted products).

Here's the bonus of my (old photos) flawless skin after following some of the steps above. Still, need to struggle to get it back (or getting more than before)!




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