While I'm Away

It's been hectic during my senior year, catch up all the materials I haven't take, remedies, community services, until undergraduate thesis. I have to prepare all that this semester. So, I won't be able to post an article on the blog. Actually, there are many things to post. However, I just can upload it on the Instagram account which is actually a blog-related account.
Actually, it wasn't a blog-related account that posts things that relate to my blog themes. Just an account that follows many online stores which usually post spams and ruin my timeline. However, I've changed my mind, so I decided that account to be my blog-related account.

In that account, I also post things that inspire me, such as art & decor that might become some inspirations for me in the future when I build a house.

So, these are some of my posts on Instagram.

A photo posted by Eria Eka Wulandari (@ailieria) on
A photo posted by Eria Eka Wulandari (@ailieria) on

A photo posted by Eria Eka Wulandari (@ailieria) on

Since I'm gonna be doing a community service program from the campus, I'm gonna be posting more on the Instagram and gonna be away from this blog. So, if you find my Instagram account is quite interesting, you may visit!

Anyway, goodbye for a while, bloggos :(

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