Sunday, August 14, 2016

Make Your Own Phone Case

It's been too long to post no DIY on my blog, it was on last January when I re-created my old binder to be a lot more vintage just like what I wanted. And I'm just too much focusing on skincares and makeups recently as I have my first-ever partnership that I'm still doing until now.

So, this post, finally., finally, I made this post. LOL. I was just too busy at campus during this (actually) holiday, to catch up the materials I haven't take before to not making any longer time to graduate. While actually the photos on this post have been taken since a month. It's a blogger life, always have a (little bit more) time difference after we take photos then post.

This time's DIY is quite easy to follow for you who are just bored seeing your typical case every day, or you just too tired browsing a case (or more) you wanted to buy, then decide to not purchase any of them. Or, perhaps, you want to save money to buy other things like skincares, or you daily need? This could be perfect, a budget DIY Case for you!

All you need to do at first is just to prepare your:
Old plain case
Small craft-embellishment
Crafting glue
Glitter (optional)

This was my second time to customise my case, so it looks not really good anymore. But that's how DIY works, to cover up that not-good-things.

  • First, you need to choose which shapes you want to choose on your case.

  • Secondly, before you glue it up, you need to arrange things based on what you desire.

  • Then, glue it carefully with the crafting glue. Make sure the excessed glue is also be cleaned.

  • The next step is optional. I add glitter on the edge of the case to cover up the imperfections.

Finally, your new old case has done! Lemme compare the before and after..

You can change it whenever you are bored with your case. Simply by cleaning it up using your nail remover, and your case is ready to be re-decorated. You can also re-decorate it with your favorite nails, make a pattern as you want on your case, and add some stickers. That's what I've done previously.

The other choice is you can put a washi tape to cover all over the sides of your case. It's super easy and cheap. All that we want.

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