Sociolla Summer Wishlist

I think it's gonna be a short post. And hey now it's June! Oh time flies. Summer's coming. Taiwan's weather is also hotter. It's even hotter than Indonesia as general. I can't help it myself actually. Haha. You know, your face is gonna look dull because of the sun, and so much oily. I think I need something more to treat myself, besides applying sunscreen every day. That's why I make this post.

I have some wishlist here, again, you can find it easier at Sociolla because you know Sociolla has everything that makes you want to buy all of them........

Here we go...

I know, it's our savior, the oily face squad! Because you can erase oil in your face in a minute. This blotting paper also can erase the oil without erasing your make up. It's totally important, save time, no need to touch your face up again. Haha. I choose this Menard Blotting paper just because it's cheap, and I like the packaging! Who agree? Girls always need a fascinating packaging.
Price: IDR 49.500

Inspired by Japanese, they always make a rich foam as it's the right method to wash your face. It's true, my Japanese friends (Korean as well) always make a rich foam to clean their face. This foaming net from Menard helps easier to make a rich foam without taking many times. It makes your face cleaner as well, and I thinks as your face is cleaner, the oil in your face can reduce. But still, you have to choose the right face wash that is suitable for your face.
Price: IDR 11.000

It's a good idea! I've been looking for this kind of mask sheet for a long time. Then I found this Menard Mask Sheet in Sociolla. We need to pamper ourselves during this summer, and I think mask sheet is so relaxing. We can make our own mask sheet with this. Just put one sheet of this Lotion Mask Sheet and put your favorite essence or lotion in it. Then, voila you can apply the mask to your face! This is cheaper than a mask sheet.
Price: 138.000

I didn't realize that all my wishlist are from Menard! Anyway, now you know, you can find anything in Sociolla! Summer is somehow troublesome for our skin. But with those three utilities, you can never have any troublesome again. I think, that three wishlist is important for me too, because I have an oily face and this summer the oil is getting worst and I really hate it. That's why I plan to list some products that I think it can help me reduce the oil and relaxing my face during summer.

Anyway, you can still get IDR50.000 from Sociolla, by using my code EKA50 at check out!

I hope you find this quick post helpful, see you in my next post (I hope it'll be written in my beloved country <3)


  1. ga sengaja buka blog terus scroll ke bawah layout blog by VIER.
    hem dari smp ga off nge blog, daebak !
    sekarang isinya makin rapih aja, SUKAK .
    i deleted my old post, 'cause most of those were about korean kkk
    jadi pengin nge blog lagi nih, boleh lah yaa atur ulang design blog gue :)

    1. Tiaaaaah...kiss kiss, iya ah, kuncinya adalah konsisten haha. Ayo ngeblog bareng, like the old time...LOL
      Boleh boleh, japri ya sis wkwk

  2. Ka Ekaaa aku ngetag dirimu di Liebster Award, nih ehhehe. Dicek, yaahh :D

    1. Hiii...panggil aku Eria aja ya hehe. Makasih buat awardnya!! Aku cek! Hehe 😁😁


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