Why Do I Post About Skincare/Beauty Recently?

I think I'm gonna start to write only in English (again), since it's more effective for the readers. And hello! I'm from Indonesia if you wanted to know. Haha. It's been really busy in my campus life, recently. Presentations, 2000 words essay. Well, actually it's only one 2000 words essay we have to make on a month. It's quite a long due, but I'm not an Oxford student who are used to have two (or more) 2000 words essay due to a month. LOL. I'm still struggling on my essay. Sigh.
But it's not about an essay or my life as an exchange student that I'm gonna tell you in this post. As you know, my posts recently have mainly share about skincare nor beauty. Probably you all know, I'm  an 21, and I still try to look for what's the best for my skin. As I'm in Taiwan now, I have more opportunities to try some products just because I have (a bit) more money to save. Instead of saving, I use my money to buy skincare or beauty products, and some of them are not available in Indonesia or yes it is but it's even cheaper. That's why I consider to buy all that here.
Just in case you haven't know about me and my blog, I make this blog in 2009 when I was in the 3rd grade of Junior High School. It was a diary kind of thing, not a serious one (you can see my old posts in this blog cause some of it hasn't been deleted). Then I decided to make this blog as a fashion blogger after I saw Diana Rikasari's blog on the TV. She's been a great influence for everyone, though. However, I've never been a successful fashion blogger, nobody wants to take a picture of my outfit. Sad. LOL. There are some of my outfit posts, but I think to be a fashion blogger I had to be struggled more than what I've done.
Occasionally, I also like to post my DIYs, since I really really love it and I post my travel diaries with friends as well. Then, something comes to my mind, why not I make this blog as a lifestyle blogger? Just because I have some main themes that is related to a lifestyle. At least I can describe it as a lifestyle. So, here it is, my lifestyle blog.
But why do I post about skincare/beauty recently?. You may think that I then turn into a beauty blogger. Well, the answer is not really. Haha. I still want to post my outfit, but I just think that the time is not right. Haha. I soon may post it when I back to my beloved country. I also really want to insert my life in Taiwan to this blog.
So, I like to post about skincare/beauty just because I want to share the products I've tried to you, and I hope it might help you. Recently, I've tried some products and I think why not to post it and how it works on my skin.
Several months ago, I was recruited as a Sociolla Blogger. It's a partnership of Sociolla between beauty bloggers in Indonesia. At first, I have no idea who notices me as a blogger, or even a beauty blogger. I have reviewed some products, but it's not so many, and I think my reviews are also not that complete. But it's a great chance for me to grow my blog even bigger. It makes me think, finally!! I mean like, this Sociolla partnership is my first ever partnership. It's a proof that finally my blog has showed a progress. I'm so grateful.
As I have some (I only have some, there are still soo many products I need to try, though) products that I'm gonna review in the next posts. It's a lot and I've noted all in my notebook just in case I forget to post some products.

Now, for my blog's good, your good, and my good as well, I will increase the quality of my review post (especially). I reviewed my skincare review post myself (I hope you understand the meaning. LOL), and I found some aspects that wasn't included in my skincare review post before. I've noted all, as you can see on the below picture.

I hope I can make it better. I'm happy if it's gonna be useful for you. Since I like to search for many reviews as well, I will create my review post in a point of view of a reader who needs to look for a products. I really want to dedicate all my posts to you all. To make a good post, it needs a good draft, my bad all this time is always post it as soon as possible. If you want to know, I only done one post for a day (and less). It's quite fast, I think.
I think that's all my post today, and I hope I can post a review product soon!

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