Intro: During My Stay In Taiwan

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It's been (almost) 2 months. Yup, I'm here, only me out of my country. This is my first time to go abroad (and first time to go by the airplane) alone. Akk...the feeling when I know I was accepted and I have to go here by myself is worried. Of course. It's because I'm really going here by myself.

I was picked up by my friend's friend. She's really kind, she is Taiwanese whose my friend's bestfriend. I live in Tamsui District which is so far from Taouyuan International Airport. And I feel like I owe to her. Not only picked me up at the Airport, she was also helping me a lot (in one day) to complete all the requirements I have to fulfill.

It was on winter when I arrived here, in Taiwan. I was surprisingly shocked by the weather. It. Is. Really. Cold. Since I'm a kind of person who can't stay longer during the cold weather. Even though, my hometown relatively has a cold weather (around 24 degrees). We know that normally it is 28 degrees above in Yogyakarta. But here, in Tamsui, it was 8 to 18 degrees during the winter.

I meet TKUISA (Tamkang University Indonesian Student Association). Big thanks to Hielmy and Linggar (they also came to Tamkang University last semester to take Exchange Student) who asked them for helping me during my stay here. At least I feel like home when I'm with them. They are really helping me, indeed!

I'm staying at Reitaku International House. This dormitory is only for Exchange Students (and some of Taiwanese who will help us during our stay in Taiwan), and I meet a lot of people who come from different background and countries. People in Reitaku is really nice! We always have plan on weekend. So I can travel a lot here! Haha. It was nice meeting them here.

Unfortunately, only a few persons who can speak English, especially for Japanese and Korean. One of my roommates is Japanese, and the other is Korean. The first day I moved into Reitaku, she said that they can't speak English well. Suddenly I know, the reason the come here is to learn and speak Chinese well. While, I can't speak Chinese at all. The only language that I can use here is English.

It's been hard at the beginning also to look for food. As we are not allowed to eat pork, and I can't speak Chinese. In the very beginning, it was confusing for me, which foodshop I would visit, since all are written in Chinese. And of course, they also have a little ability to speak English. That is why, it's important for me to take chinese course. At least for me to be able to say 我要沒有豬肉 (I want to buy food without pork). Haha. Struggle. Hard. Life. Is. Tough.

As I can't stay longer during the cold winter, there was a night when I was so freezing I just can't sleep. It was killing me. I can't help it myself, it was too cold for me, seriously. But my roommates are really kind. One of my roommates lend me her towel so that I could feel warmer. Luckily, this month winter is over! It turns to a sunny day. Yup, I welcome myself to the Spring Break in the beginning of March! Yeay! I don't need to layer my clothes again, and not suffer to that kind of freezing weather.

It's quite a short post. Hehe. Actually I want to share more about my stay in Taiwan. And, see you in my next post! It's probably gonna be about my Spring Break <3


  1. wah kece sekali kamu satu" yang berjilbab... keren dah... semoga ada yang kecantol .. moga akhlaknya tetep keren yah... sukses yah di sana semoga terus berniat ikhlas... ilmunya bisa dibawa ke indonesia dan berkah....


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