Golden Hour

I really like fashion since I was a kid, it was because of my mom loves clothes too. She likes to sew her own clothes since she was High School, and it then made me want to learn how to sew. So, it was a year I learned how to sew in my hometown, it haven't done yet since I have to wait until my holiday come.

Although my sewing class hasn't done yet, I've been sewing many clothes, in many different models and materials. I think, sewing is not that hard, you just gotta love it, and the idea will come to your mind. Since then, I never bought a clothes again, all I need is to buy materials, materials, and materials again. doesn't mean I never bought anything else then, I still love to pick the best shoes and bags to bring home. Xixi.

That culotte also is not a new one, it's my aunt's that she gives to me because she's getting fatter. Haha. You see, it's not always needed much money to be looked stylish. To follow the trend also not that hard. I like to style by my own, but doesn't mean I become like hipster, stay away from the "in" thing.

It doesn't mean you have to follow the trend always and always, but no one says follow the trend is prohibited, yeah? Just how you manage it and still being your own on it. But if it's too hard to follow, then just don't follow it. Life is simple actually, if you think simple too.

So, about the background, it was a park in my High School, yups..How I miss this school, with all the good and bad memories. It's been about 3 years since I graduated and I haven't come here again, then when I went there I see lot things change. That's a life.

this is one of my besties since Junior High School, her name is Isna

Zahra, Nisa, Silvi, Me, and Isna

I came to my Senior High School with these people to celebrate its 57 years established. It was so much fun, so many old friends there that brings also old memories that should we never forget. Even thought, there's not always happy things happen, and you just have to remember that life is both about happy and sad, so keep breathing and chase dreams!!

Meet my pretty gals too, Gayuh and Seja


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