Raya Outfit: Day 2

Hello everyone! It's been a while, and I'm sorry if it's quite late to say Minal Aidin Walfaidin, and Happy Eid Mubarak! Well, better late than never, isn't? You may be asking where I've been since I seem inactive to post or to say happy Eid, yeah me was just sick and it forced me to stay in bed. Alright, so this post I'm gonna show you an updated outfit, I've worn in my Eid Fitr on las 17 July...aand here we go.....

This time, I picked monochrome as my theme, I paired Patterned Scarves in Black + White Lace Tops + White A-line Skirt + Basic Black Vest + Black Flats and then it's done! It turns out to be monochrome.

Well actually, I wished to had a white on white outfit in the first day of Eid, unfortunately because of the limit of time, I can't make it since I've decided to sew it my own. I mean, in this outfit, only the A-line Skirt. Hehe.

So, it should be a White Vest I worn that day. Actually, I planned my second White on White outfit by replacing White Vest with a White Pashmina, but I thought then, I still have a Black Vest and it could be a savior and it becomes a savior indeed, thought it has changed the theme.

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