Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Review: The Complete Series Hada Labo Shirojyun Ultimate Whitening

Hi! Am I coming back not too early? I'm sorry for postponing this review, as I told in my g+ and to review this soon, but it goes to be late. So, in this post I'm gonna be reviewing Hada Labo, my daily routine skincare in complete series of Shirojyun (whitening). You know I'm just turning 20, and it makes me care more of my skin and makes me realize, if we don't pay attention to our skin, we'll be getting troubleand grumble about my freckles, dull, and dry skin. I began in this early semester (around september-october) to look for what's best skincare for my skin. I searched for the reviews, so many reviews. I'm checking beauty blogs and beauty youtubers almost everyday. Until I found Hada Labo that seems answering my grumbles.

This photo is showing the complete series of Hada Labo Shirojyun Ultimate Whitening (from left to right: Face Wash, Lotion, Essence, Milk, Night Cream). I'm using it around 4 months (or more, I forgot the time when I bought it).
So, let's get into my review after I use it in ± 4 months:
  • It lasts long. For the first time I use, I only bought the sample pack, consists of Lotion, Milk, and Face Wash and I couldn't believe that from only in 20ml, I could spend it for ± 4 months but except for the face wash.
  • It gets my face cleaner than before. It was my first skin care I use and before I use it, I only apply face wash (from other brands) and cleanser. I had so much freckles around the nose, and after I apply Hada Labo regularly (including the essence and night cream) my freckles only remains a little. I also had blackheads on my nose. I'm a not-so-often-got-acne typical person, but once I got, I feel it should disappear sooner from my face. Then what I've done is pushing it to get the acne out. That makes my face get some acne scars. After I use Hada Labo, it can disappear. However, I have to say it's not a fast process when you apply it once, you will sooner get your face cleaner.
  • Remove my dry skin. Since I've never treat my face before I use this product, my face became like never treat of any thing,then it remained dry skin. After I take care of my face, then it goes to no dry anymore.
  • The acne goes faster. Once I get my acne, I put the essence on it and based on my experiences, the acne will go after 1 until 2 days. But still, the acne scars don't disappear that easy.
Overall, I think Hada Labo is good for me, as it's my first skincare, it's not that bad actually. Though I should wait it dries longer. It's not really work when I'm in rush, though. Haha. I'm using whitening series,  but I don't think my face get more white however, it removes my dull skin. Basically, what kind of skin care we choose is depending on the type of our skin. But, the key is never skip the skincare treatment everyday, and always clean your face regularly.


Let me know your thoughts about this post, I'm happy to see it ;)