Sail, sail

I always love nature recently. When it comes to the vacation, I prefer to go to the place where I could find so many trees, grasses, and sceneries. It makes me breath deeper, not because of feeling blue, but I can feel how fresh is the air. I've been wanting for living in a green place.
But, this time is not only about green place. I could sail! Haha. It was a place near Kalibiru, the hill I've ever visited and posted here. And it was the biggest dam in Yogyakarta, called Sermo. I went there last Sunday, 7 December, 2014

There's a small ship took us sail around the Waduk Sermo, and we sit in the front, the captain is behind us :p

 I love capturing corners! Those were taken at the "Gending Resto", the only restaurant in Waduk Sermo where we can see Waduk Sermo from above, since the restaurant is built with a high stairs, and it was perffeeect to see the dam.

 I can't stop capturing. Haha. And we also stopped by the Kalibiru for awhile...

Psss, bonus pict :p

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