Ethnic, Goes Ethnic

Girls usually are following the trend, especially in terms of clothing. However, I tend to wear items that I like. I like wearing items that are comfortable, rather than follow the trend which will disappear very easily. Instead, when we don't follow the trend we can wear any kind of clothes that's there in my closet without worrying about out of date.

However, it's not a mistake if sometimes I follow the trend, isn't it? Ethnic pants are now becoming a trend. We know that that kind of pattern is somehow representing Indonesia. The one that I'm wearing is looking like Batik, am I right?

I like to wear red recently, and it makes me look confident. Red is also the symbol of courage, so when I wear red, I hope I automatically be brave. LOL. And the pants that I'm using in this outfit post is really supporting my red outfit.

This outfit was actually my Raya outfit back in a few weeks ago. It's so much comfortable to wear with. I can freely walk without feeling too hot cause the clothes I'm wearing is very light and breathable. That's important, ya know?


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    1. Hi! I also love your style also! Your blog is nice. Let's be friend! ;)


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