Review: Confidential

Heyho! I'm back again! Dunno what to do because my mission has been postponed but hopefully it'll done before the end of my holiday. Alright, so here I'm gonna share you again about Indonesian brand. I like to post this kind of review, and dunno why it seems like fun! Share what young Indonesian has been created and I was really amazed why they were so creative in making products in which each brands have its own characteristic. And because of so many local product come, every person began to realize that Indonesia has young-talented people behind a sophisticate product to buy.
Simply by Instagram, if I may take an example and because Ig now is in the one of the most favorited application to download for iOS and Android users and nobody doesn't have Instagram now. And this become a way to promote the product, because it seems so easy. We can just capture the product and post it to Ig. It is that simple, and no wonder why there are soooo many online shops (whether is in a good quality on under standard) are spreading like many bunches of ants.
However, basically the quality of the product itself can be seen by the appearance of each picture they posts as I've observed in recent days. And people who prioritize a quality should know the meaning of copyright is being protected by the law. Because, unfortunately, there are so many online stores provide a non-original product and it's really ironic because some people just don't know and maybe is tricked of product in which it's not original. That's why, I really appreciate people who buy an original product even they've purchased a non-Indonesian product.
I really recommend this product for you, Confidential was made by Indonesian young and talented. The love of vintage inspired her to make a handmade vintage bracelet and as I also love vintage, I really love her products! However, I love her second collection which is called as "Chain&Thread". I can wear it in any occasion because I think, this product is simple and not really jazzy.

Although, it doesn't has a copyright yet (hahaha), it's cute and unique because of the composition of the bracelet itself. The owner combined some threads braided with chain. It looks vintage yet feminine. There are five colors in this collection; magenta, sky blue, baby pink, brown, and cream. I'm sure all of those colors make you think hard which one you should pick. This product looks so vintage! And I can't wait for the next collection!

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