Vintage Bohemian Skirt

Hi, I'm back! Now I have time to open up Corel Draw and do a little design of a skirt. You know it's kinda busy this semester, a lot of assignments that makes me can't catch up to the blog. But here I am, finally I make this kind of post again.

So, this time, I decided to make a bohemian skirt with a touch of blue and light brown lace. It's still a simple skirt, yet vintage. I still make a maxi skirt, with a little detail of lace at the bottom. This skirt is more vintage if we pair it with a basic belt in brown. This skirt is really bohemian all the way. Anyway, this skirt was inspired by one of the skirts that Lucedale wore.
I think that's all! So vintage, isn't it?


  1. Lucu deeeeh bikin ginian di Corel :D
    bikin paperdoll ajaaa nanti bongkar pasang ama blusnya & roknya ;D

    1. wah asik yah kayaknya jadi inget masa kecil hihi :D


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