Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Have you heard Kimbra, newcomer singer from Australia? If you ever listen Gotye's song or you're the fans of Gotye, you might be know Kimbra. She's his partner of the song "Somebody that i used to know". Kimbra was born in New Zealand with a really good tallent. She just soo perfect of being a singer. Her first song is "Deep for You" on 2005, i think it's a mellancholic song and it was so different with Kimbra right now. She has her debut album (Vows) launched on 29 August 2011, in New Zealand and Australia. On 22 May 2012, the album was released in North America.
Kimbra now was so energetic in singing, the genre she serves now are indie pop electronics. Just hear only one of her song, you can know what's the different between Kimbra and another singer around this world. This's not overrated, but Kimbra is having a strong character about her vocals, attitudes, souls, and obviously, her styles was soo vintage! And i really love her with the red blood lipstick and her fluffy hair, she just so beautiful to the max. Hahaha..

 And what about the recommended songs? I know, i mean, Kimbra has all her song so great. But the most favorites are...just listen this pals "Settle Down", "Two Way Street", "Posse", and "Warrior", "Withdraw" is also my favorite too. Okay, lemme tell you why my favorite(s) is(are) not just one. You can listen all of the Kimbra's song, and i'm sure you'll also confuse like me :p Here i'm gonna share a link for you and you can easily listen all of Kimbra's song from Vows album.

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