Waiting On The Day

LDR is though. I've been through this almost a year. At the beginning, I believed that I can never face it. As the time goes on, it was not really hard, however if we feel alone and miss that person, we barely realize that we need someone to be here. Seems like, we need more than only texting or video call; meet.
Sometimes, I need friend to just accompany me wherever I want to discover my life here. It was like I lose somebody to accompany me doing eeevvverything I want to heal my stress, laugh loudly, boost my mood. Or just gripe to him about how hard this life is...
Then, I began to look for every person around me. Who are willing to be my friend, but not to become the one that I need to share the life for. However, I just need person to make me refresh my brain, because here I just feel like everything seems monotone when I miss him. And what happen with people? Some of my thoughts, thinks that it shouldn't be done with me.
What's going on? Some people just say I can't handle that all. However, I think I just want to make friend with every people. We're not going steady yet, because we're still young. We need to make friend as much as we can get. Doesn't mean, if I've already taken I couldn't look for another boy to become a friend. While, it's only a friend. Ordinary.
Now, I'm just waiting for the new life when he can always be in my side. And I don't need every kind of people anymore. They just have so much thoughts about status. Well, because some people just don't know what's the meaning of friend, nowadays..

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