Friday, April 20, 2012

The Best Syndrom Everr :/

Accidentally was so surprisingly and so shockedly. Everything happens indeed for a reason but every single wrong thing change for what reason?! So damn. They even never thinking before. They just wanna make everyone see them so bright around those girls they got from affair. Afffaaaaiirrrr? Yaaa affair was indeed sooo ordinary for them. Perhaps they even never feeling shy whereas they hurted person who actually staying in their scope. They just dont care. Even the girl they choose (or we can call her as sephia), wasn't better than before. We're not perfect, but we're better. They consisting of the person who have hurted the girls and have been hurted. For the person who ever hurted person, i think they never know how paaiin it was. But for the person who ever feeling the pain it was stupid think they do. They never learned the past. This syndrom was influenced by only one person. Maybe after i brake him, then everything changed, he wilder. The good boy going crazy, wild. Wild in the meaning of not a free sex or etc yaa..but wild in the meaning of they began playboy. I thought they were kind and will responsible but in faaaaaaaccttt..they just same with the boy out of there. PHP (the FAKE HOPE GIVER), and brake their girl, and surely affair. It was the example of this syndrom. This syndrom also make the loyal being crashed. A person i know that he was so loyal actually just could break up. With unhumanity attitude they can ask to break up easily then just remains hurt for the girl. I feel really wanna puking all of my containing foods inside the stomach cause i just sicken. Everyday everytime seeing them laughing telling and sharing about their bleak life. Proudly show their cheerfullness about what they got. They just wanna excist girls whatever her attitude and however her life of past, maybe. It wasn't my emotional only, but as i mentioned i really really really sicken of that of you of them. Luckily just several of them wasn't influenced.

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