Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tiara's Birthday

Helloooooooooooo..happy 2012 year! Sorry I'm really late hehehehe..I also haven't post about Tiara's 17th birthday party for mini. I also not tell about my lonely heart hahhahaa. Okayy, while just forget. I just really really down about my rapor and my whole life :( but I try to wake! And always laugh anyway, try to smile and try to thinking the other, convey that ways which made me down are nothing. I never accept them come again to my mind. Try to take them out if they're coming. Hmm..just deem I'm just happy in the middle of anything and anyone deh, ok? I'll show the picture from Tiara's birthday off, see.........

The style:

12 days approach my birthday xixi. I don't hope too much to getting something I want from my dad *fiuuhh. It just preparation to go to Bali. Yeaayyyy! For the day at 17 Februari till 5 days after the following.

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