Wednesday, 2 November 2011

a Covert Problem in this Country

Waww, be grateful, hijabers! I love it, really really love this quote. Only one and i reblogged this of tumblr from peace within heart. I hope this world beautiful again with all of good things and not evil. Every Moslem don't be shy to wear a hijab and shy to do anything that not appropiate in Islam. I wish. Many things near me that shows an evil, depravement, wild, and so many bad things here. Even my friends often do it. I'm not perfect that i also not good yet, but i hope all of the things in this world will better. All of Moslem don't like this anymore, all of Moslem women must wear a hijab a least and improve her akhlaq (aammiin). I don't like  a bitch, many teenager girls like that now in here who easy to asked by a boy, such as texted, grepe-grepe (uhmm sorry i use a rough word, i don't know how to capture it), disturb a friend's boyfriend, and slut. Astoghfirullaah :( even the boy also give a chance for a girl to do it. Many girls and boys just use momentary pleasure and after did that they both regret. Forgive 'em...

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