Friday, September 16, 2011


All of my life is shouldn't just you. SHOULDN'T. I know. Hmmm. I can't forget you because i don't want to. Just through. Hahaha. Perhaps now you're happy with your life. Eh, it's not just perhaps, but it's really. You forget me anyway throw me waste me. I don't wanna ask why, because i know it's 'unanswer'. How i love you and how i miss you. How i don't wanna forget. I think i can't and i....huh. You're the best thing i ever had. I don't lie. That's way that i'll never forget you. You still being my dream that never can be reach. You're the dream that ever happened true. I'm happy at that time. The dream is only and stay being dream. I don't hope too much. I'm happy that you ever responded it. Though now it's nothing. Like a..NOTHING. Wasted. Like we never doing anything. It just wasted. Like it never happened. Like a wind. Wuuuzzzh. It's nothing for you. But for me is anything. Anything that nothing. Anything that wasted. I found someone who understand me and make me comfort. And not you. But there's nothing between us. I'm not claim that i close to him. We just friend. Friend to share. Just on one scope. Actually i'm really really comfort. But more comfort with you. Honestly............You find another? Or you obsessed with another me? Me that make you weak (past). "Weak in the presence of woman".  I'm still really really remember when the first time we met after school. I love your eyes. Staring to me. Made me embarrassed. Unforgettable memories. You're the one that unforgettable. The one story, if there's you in my story, there's unforgettable.

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