Saturday, April 23, 2011

Feels more miserable

I think, he hate me so. Now, he's so much hate me. Maybe it's my fault. Totally my fault. Hmm. Huh. Sigh. I never thought that he gonna be like this now. Soooo different. Feels like he want me to die. I'm so confuse. I wanna meet him but i'm afraid. I wont see he angry with me. for hope that he'll back, i think it's so difficult. I just wanna stop feeling miserable. Uh, God. And his character, arrogant, gruff, prestige, and huh. Why must i knowing the person like you? Why must i loving you? And just you? Since a long time, i know you, and you never change your character. Please, you're not a child again, you're not at an elementary school. Rawr. Or maybe i was full of false then you never forgive me? But why he never tell my fault? I was so confused of your mind. I know my attitude was not too god, i know i was said so badly. I'm soooooooo sorry. So much i'm sorry, if my words was hurt you. I'm just a human that never escaped from the wrong way. I'm sooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. SO MUCH I'M SORRY. I wanna you to say love me. Hmm it just a dream now.


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