Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my birthday

This day, my birthday is today.. Thank you for everyones who put my smile in this day. Thanks for all! I love you all!! Thanks for x7 who let me wet with the bathroom water. Uhhhh. Ya, thanks Haahaha not so bad, but it's impressing me, friends! And thanks for the gift, Ik. Hahaha so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! I'm so love those gift. Thanks for your sms and your wall and everything. Thank you! For my mom, huh, i kinda disappointed with u, haha but thanks for the late greeting to me, haduuuh haha. Thanks for my dad, nothing special. I'll be waiting for your treats! For my brother, oh it's really? Please? U just give 500 rupiahs for my birthday? Oh..soo it's 2011 boy! Gimme some more ya brad! Thanks for my sister for your greet at facebook. Your gift will i wait. Thanks for all of my friends on facebook who gave a birthday greeting to my wall. So thanks! For eleswel, umh, not special. But, i'm waiting for your gift(s) guys! Hahaha. Sooo happy.

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