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Being Indonesian isn't enough if we only criticize its situation which nowadays -it can called- not really good enough. Every time I watch the news on TV, there are a lot of violence. Somebody killed somebody, ex boyfriend killed their ex girl. Mother killed her baby because they don't have any hopes to raise its baby. Even, I've ever watch, there was a member of State Defense who is killed by his gay mate. Then, rape is everywhere also. Molestation. What a crazy people. I think, they are don't have a good education enough, oh wait..not always, even a person who gets a higher education can do that. That's the morality problem. Who can fix? It's all back to ourselves.
Well, I might not continue to watch and start to watch cartoon. Meanwhile, Indonesia doesn't have any good TV shows that can be proud of. Really, except a cartoon. And cartoon also made in someone else's country. However, there's also a thing that can be proud, Indonesian has many young and talented generation and they (hopefully) can take Indonesia to be better with their inventions and their own creations. They create products which bring Indonesian culture in it, such as batik and ikat. This also one of the way to promote Indonesian culture. And here, I recommend one product that it's 100% Indonesia. Created by School of Business and Management ITB, WOODKA

Nowadays, many people not only love batik but also this ikat material from top, bottom, and the accessories. So many Indonesian brands also provide this kind of pattern. Yes, pattern, because most of those brands are only using the printed ikat pattern to their products. But, woodka tries to use the material of Ikat brought directly from Kalimantan and applied it to the strap of their watch. This is also a kind of unique product, because the watch itself are made from wood. A good combination between Ikat and wood. Now, woodka's collection not only with those interchangeable ikat strap. They also provide some others collection, if you wanna see more just click here


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