In The Mid-May

Hello pals! Finally, got my chance to write a thing here, actually I still boost my mood to write. Even now, I'm not feeling good since I got flu and this is the one that I hate because when I'm flu, i feel like I don't wanna do anything. Seems like I don't have any desire to be active even this week was a really hectic. Actually I don't like being sick, and surely everybody doesn't, right?
I got so much busy this week. Presentations, papers, those get me stressed. Well, but i'm still trying to manage my time as well so that I can't feel so tired. However, my body wasn't that strong enough to face those all things. Then, i've got a sick. Being sick alone is not really a matter for me. The thing is really matter is that when I've got my own really busy than i've ever imagine. I never imagine that being a college student is this busy. So much hectic and it feels like the assignments were never stop coming to us. Well, no body get so relaxed. Everybody were busy with their own assignments and maybe another business. And if you want to know that I don't like being busy, and that's of of the reasons I don't wanna join any organizations at campus.
I know myself well, and really I don't like to become so busy at all. I prefer spend my whole time to discover something I need to know even it's about a college itself or about other thing that I like. If i'm busy, I don't have any time to take a rest, and once again, I know my body really well. My body needs to be protected more. I know I can easily tired when I got myself really busy.
So then, what I'm going to post here is....
Showing you that I've experienced a MuN! It was my first time to join this event. And that was so much interesting. I wasn't speaking that much, at that time. Hehe. But that was a good lesson for me as I am an International Relations student. And here, showing you a picture again finallyyy. Picture, picture picture!! :p

What I wore on the first day
On the second day I wore this
The last day costume

Actually, there still so many pictures on my laptop, but i'm sure u'll be bored if i upload all that. Haha. While enjoying Indonesian Idol's Grand Final, i'm waiting the uploading to be done, and finally, i can share all my picked photos here. I think it's time to sleep pals, tomorrow i'm gonna have a class at 9 p.m. Bye~

psst, this's my friends' photo taken in the darker light, so it's like "gelap-gelapan" I don't hv any idea what's "gelap-gelapan" means in English :p

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