What I Think About People, Nowadays

First of all, I need you to open up your mind and of course with respect. Because, what happens with people who don't respect? With respect,  we can live peacefully. Duh. Imagine that the world is so peaceful, and people is so respectful. Ok. It's only me who is too idealistic. The world won't be 'literally' peaceful. There always be problems in this world.

And people. People also should have attitude, not just a respect. People judge us by our attitude. In this world, there is also a norm that becomes a standard in our life. There is also the law to rule, bot to limit our movement but to prevent us from certain things that might happen; to make the world more structured.

I am a Moslem, that's why I'm wearing hijab. This is the rule in Islam. Every Moslem woman is supposed to wear hijab.
I'm a moslem, so that's why i'm wearing hijab. This is the norm, and more exactly and right, this is the rule Allah brings to us. For your understanding, i'm not a kind of person who wear a big thick hijab, not wearing cadar, or something else which can make you're thinking like i am a 'fully-alim' person. But, it's a part of moslem must be done in this world. See, my statement on my first paragraph? That's my understanding, and my obligation as a moslim. 19 years i live, and i barely realize, that hijab isn't just an important, but the most important things as you are a moslem.

That's a compulsory thing that means it is a must. No matter what your attitude is, whether you smoke or not. Whether you are gossip girl or whatever. I'm also not perfect who always wear hijab as proper as we must be, but at least i wear hijab. Hijab is a must, once again. It's an obligation as a moslem, to mark off whether you are moslem, and whether you are non. But what i catch in Indonesia, which so many people know that moslem is the most common religion and more that 80% of Indonesian are moslem is Indonesian moslems were almost same with non moslem at a glance. If we see so many pedestrian walking in the sidewalk and not wearing hijab, but when we ask about the religion they are Islam. So here i think, i see moslem, but not islam (same with Rangga said in 99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa)

I also need a process to become this way. At the past, sometimes i go out without hijab, though only pick my brother up, or just walk to look for meal, or maybe sometimes i took photo without wearing hijab. But after i've seen a post in facebook which tells about when you set a profile page or posting a photo everywhere without your hijab, the more people see your photo, the more sins you get. Then i understand. And the thing that you should realize, your photo stays on that social media in not just a second. Can you imagine how much sins you get? And even you don't realize it until you read this.

I'm just bored with people who only looking for an imaging, or they just wanna get respected, or they wanna be trusted but they don't do any efforts. Sometimes, people are afraid to lose their job when they wear hijab. I think when you lose your job, don't claim that this world is narrow. Just create your own job, make an employment. In this case you got two kind of goodness. First, you got a new job and second, you help the government to decrease the unemployment :)

People nowadays were absurd, more absurd. How come Islam become like tormented by other religion? Moslems now begin to afraid or in doubt in wearing hijab with alllll certain and not really important things such as "I couldn't be modest when i'm wearing hijab" or "It's not a modern perspective". And hey, helloo??? Are you being colonialize by West, aren't you realize? We re in Indonesia, in the south east Asia which is still upholding the norm, especially the norm of dressing. Backless, mini skirt, low-cut chest, or something like that which don't necessary to wear. Without that you can be pretty galsss.

I'm also wearing hijab. And i don't feel like i'm out of date of some kind of that. Because with hijab i can be modest like people who doesn't wear hijab -but still according to the rules of religion or sometimes almost right, or at least i'm not wearing any sexy clothes :p (just kidding)-.

And i really love fashion indeed. There are so many fashion icons and fashion shops nowadays, with its good and bad impact for hijab. You know like, there are also alot of people who wear hijab overrated which is having some bad comments (mostly i've read that on Kaskus nor Facebook) of people who try to be an Islamic mdest but don't know how to match their own clothes or something like what you see now. Though, those were a bad things that makes people (maybe) underestimate the Hijab itself, people should know the essential of wearing a veil.

Most of Moslem women nowadays are more concerned (only) in fashion, so the reason of why they are wearing hijab is just to become a follower of fashion. When the trend goes down, they might leave their hijab. That such a kind of big phenomena, when people now see that wearing shawl similiar with pashmina is such a glamour. I think it's not always like that. Just throw back to the previous time while hijab wasn't this phenomen, when shawl wasn't becoming this popular. Everyone seems ordinary when they see people wear shawl. Nobody thinks that those who wear shawl is a glamorous persons or whatever. And also, people at that time wear shawl in a proper way, but now there are sooo many people wear shawl unproperly. They wear a big rose in her head, or anything.

The worse thing that the fashion trend nowadays (not a muslim fashion trend) could be said that worse worse and more naked. Is that a bad thing? Especially in the scope of Indonesian people. Indonesia is a developing country, there are so many things not well-organized. The people, their norms, their manner, their moral. It's not a surprising thing that many raping in a mass transportation or else. That is basically because of the two things, the suspected who are basically don't have a moral and the victim who tend to provoke the suspected to do so.

That's what we call it as out of norm, especially norm of Islam. They just follow the trend, not Islam. If the trend goes down, they might be don't wanna wear it again. But, if they follow Islam, whatever they are based on their conviction. Or if they have other religion, they might be doing the things out of the rule of their religion themselves. Actually, if you keep the role, everything will just not being so scary.

Basically, i don't wanna tell about how people see hijab nowadays. But here i fell like to explain that doesn't matter what you do and what you are, hijab is a must whether hijab you wear is proper or whether is not. I wish that female people in Indonesia nowadays will realize in their consciousness. As today is an International Women's day,  women should improve their mindset. To do what we have to do, and to deny the things we should deny. And to wish that Indonesian muslim all try to wear hijab or at least wear a good-polite-and-proper clothes ;) Happy International Women's Day ;)

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