Ignore It

Because life is wierd. And mess. And finally it's not an easy to hold something we've had.. This is what shouldn't happen to me. And almost every single night i can feel that dream. I ever feel and enjoy it without guilty, and somebody suddenly tell me i was wrong. That should never appear in my mind. I never think, how stupid i am to give that hope, to somebody that might be feel "something strange" until he realize me. And it is still not enough, how come the dream still irritate my sleep? I shouldn't end all that i've been holding to for several long, to find somebody out there who i don't know, whether i can comfortable with or not. While, it's all my promises which is i've done no hesitant. All that we've ever said together. All my hopes and dreams. Remember that, to reach this, we need much sacrifices. It's hard to be here, to be this way, now. Because it trough a long process until we get here. So that i don't wanna broke the promises that i conviced, it never happen :)

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