Current Obsessions

Have you heard now I'm a college student? Life has been great! Thought I need to learn a lot, still. However, there are 2 things that become my obsession now. I don't know why.


Currently, I'm eager to learn German again. I learnt it at Senior High actually, but I don't have time to learn it more know, we got a lot of subjects to learn at Senior High. I also would like to learn French, but I guess, later. I still have a German book so I can learn it again for free. Well, this was actually not a book, but the soft copy of the materials I have that I printed.

I learn German in 3 years and still, the words that I remember is only "Ich Liebe Dich". Hahaha. No, I'm just kidding, I just forgot it all so I think I need to learn it again.

  • Samsung NX300 Mirrorless Camera

Don't question why I prefer Samsung NX300 mirrorless rather than Nikon or Canon (which everybody's favourite). But...I just love the design of this camera. It's vintage.


It's a mirrorless camera which is easier to operate, especially for a person who doesn't really know about "the camera" like me. It's similar to DSLR camera but lighter, thinner, and easier. Unfortunately, this costs quite pricey, around IDR 7500K. Can somebody buy me this, please? Haha.

So, that's all my current obsession. Do you have a current obsession? Why don't you share it?

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