Monday, July 22, 2013

New Face

It sounds great after i woke up on my tiredness life. People might be failed, but they must be rise.
I just need some fresh thing which can make me feeling no bored, aanndd here i totally change my blog layouts, designs, colors, and the main thing, its name. Well, what are you guys thinking? Aha, this's really fresh and new i think, something that i never done before, change it with a pretty bold color, maroon red. And i really satisfied of this, i made itself, and it makes me glad. LOL. Hehe.

I was change its name because i kinda bored of my name displayed in this blog. I've been looking for a name, and i the inspirations came when i opened up a blog which the name is really simple. I'm not duplicating it but i just tried to make something simple like what that blog's served. And i've design as simple as what i want. It's simple then it can make me visit and visit again my own blog hehe. Sometimes i'm gonna buy a domain for my blog i think, hehe and even posting everything everyday. I got myself done of test (and again) and not for seriously and obsessing again, i've just done because my parents really want. I've just done for them, because i think and it's indeed, it's hard. And u'll see, if i can accepted there, i'm not kinda great, but i'm greatest! Haha, It just imposible to happen :p

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