Thursday, April 19, 2012


Sometimes, things unplanned can reached clearly and the opposite, all what we planned, sometimes couldn't reached well. Well, i experienced it this day. The formerly planning was go to Dieng Plateau with IX Dhe alumni. Buut, as usual, many persons didn't come. From 26 persons, there were just 4 persons who come. Theeenn, we had an unexpected idea to make this day awesome hehehh. We go out of town :D :D :D But there were some li'l accident which make us feeling so nerd there and like an alien there -__- some accidents began when i touched the purple sandal. That purple sandal and the other sandal at its right side were falled down. I was so shy and my friend didn't asumed me as their friends hahahaha sooo funny! They just kidding. Once again the accident, emm..i just confuse which stories that i'll tell. The main thing in this day wassss..we feeling soo dumb kali ya?
Hahahaha oh yaa..we went to departement store, and we found glasses stand. We thought, the collections was pretty cool and up to date :D We decided to take some photos hihi but when took some photos, the working woman who keeps the stand was followed us all over again. I repeteadly speak to my friends like this: "That shopkeeper was keep following us, maybe she was unbelieve with us that we'll never stole these glasses, right?". The other nerdiness things was my friend didn't know where to paid -_- and and so many things make us illfeel with self hahaha but this day was pretty aweful than the planning before ;)

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