Friday, April 13, 2012

Then again...

I was left the blog for so longggggg then know i'm back :D after i get depression. Emmm i was so foolish huh. Let my heart to falling with. I just realized after this damn thing troubling me and my friend was told the fact. Why i must through this thing again? But who know? I felt again. It should choosed right at the past. I jussst don't know lahh, initially. Those pains were make me stronger kok ;) I was just not a right time. Will better in the future..aamiin.  Positively, i get learned even i must be carefull. The peculiar thing i found waaass..word "appologize". To brave, i think. It just the first time i know, there's a person forgive after he hurting a person by his atittude, leaving closefriend however not relationshipped and actually when he was texting me, he also texting another. The damn thing again, they ever watched drama together. Actually i was indeed nobody for him, but at that time, we had a relation, though wasn't relationship. But my friend told me, i was lucky, cause between ten girl who was he hurted, he just appologize to me though i never forgived. My heart wasn't a robot who just as an easy played and you will appologize to the owner after you broke it. I'm not a slut who can played by you then you leave easily. I think it's better left unsaid. I decide, never forgive him after we graduated. Too wicked? I think you more!

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