Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Repairing The Shoe

A few months ago, i got accident. Eh i meant my shoe had an accident after i fixed my shoes to the shoemaker. I decided to sewing the bottom of it in order to make it more durable. Buuuuttt..u know what? i found the broken one in the front of the right side. The purple material was broken -_- I ever use this shoe when i went to Bali. Maybe my friends who didn't know were guessed my shoes was perforated but actually it wasn't. There was the side which is still good.

That was the one of my favorite flat shoes. Moreover, the color was purple. This is the purple luxurious shoe i ever had. So i never wanna throwing it :) wkwkwk. I just repaired it so that i can use this again. Do you wanna see how to repair it to be more beautiful? See:

  1. That was the broken one.
  2. The material: pair of satin l x w = 30x12, scissor, sewing needle, thread.
  3. Sew the edge of width. Remember, fold at about 1cm inside. There're 2 edge in the each of satin, so you can repeat sewing it 4times.
  4. Fold the length and the other length to be one (the inside was in the outside), and sew it. Do the same to the other satin.
  5. Reverse the satin carefully. Make a band form.
  6. Glue the band to the shoe till the broken covered by the bang
Then..tadaaaaaaa a (old) new shoe was done :)

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