Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Day-Birth

Joyeux Anniversaire..joyeux anniversaire..joyeux anniversaire..joyeux anniversaire.....I had a birthday at 19 January ago..I got some gift from my siblings and my frienndddss :) Yayyy thanks for the girfts yaa..
gifts from my sister and brother thankyouu for woke me up (cause I had no woken) and give those :*
Instant noodle and picture frame from Dea Seja Gayuh. Why were they gave instant noodle? Cause I reallyreallyreally like that food. Tapi gak ini juga kali hadiahnyaa -___- haha makasih yaa
they fill the frame the photo of them and bring the letter "Happy Sweet Seventeen Eria" ohh thanks it too much sweet :)

You know? That I just still 17 yo..It's the beginning of my maturity, I hope. I'm trying to be better, though it's really hard, really really really hard..Umm, maybe I consider it's hard cause initially it's not my habit. As long as, I sure I can do all what I must do. I never be lazy again, I must obey parents, and the most important, I must preparing all the life-future now. But sometimes I often maybe forget, or hate to doing right because of my behaviour. My laziness.....yaaa I know I'm reallyreallyreally lazyyyyy -_____- Whereas, when I was at elementary school, I was really really dilligent. I use the time after I school to study. Repeat the lesson who had explained the teacher, or study for the next subject of lesson. And now, I seldom studyyyyy -______- so many time I use to playing notebook and then connected to the internet, like this now..Andd let's pray for me to be someone better or at least as I was kid :)

Thanks alll for the surprise of may day-17th :) And the celebrating have not done. Tomorrow will held my mini birthday party with my EelleeswEell :)

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