Thursday, December 15, 2011

Will never see you give a smile to me again. I wanna cryyyyyyyyyyyyyy but i couldn't. I wanna obtested but to you it's never. I can't see openly to you anymore. Why you can did to me at all???????????? Why you just like give me a hope? You've been. We'd be. But what????????? You make me drawnnnnnn when I'm on the sky with a very relaxed feeling. "Hurt" I said, "confused" then you replied. If you never convinced with all what you feel why are you make me really high???????????????????? HIGH?????????????????????????????????? Why are you still seeing me? I saw you saw me, on my way, at my direction. But, are you realized with all you've said to me? Make me hurt when I was well, really well. You are confused then me too. You broke my hope that originally has been built by yourself..........

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