Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lotta Love

Yeah. There're many chances..For many reasons, and many thoughts..I can claim that ILOVEU. Yes thank you for make my feeling increase for you cause you do called me. Then I saw now, you're nothing. Really not as yesterday. I keep going calm. If you just gimme an empty hope, no matter. Maybe we aren't fate yet:) eaaa...

Yaa..see? Not because I found the really overt evidences on his facebook about his story and her then I see he really really overt, like her facebook is his diary (usually never like that). No, thank you. It just because the other came unexpected and make my feeling going up. Now, I can call you as he..and he as you. Oh, no no no, he and you as a new now, not an old. You, yes you, not you anymore, thank you. Yes, come unexpected. I don't know it's an empty or no ( hope isn't). Make my expect began true, almost true (aamiin). Since he called me Tuesday afternoon, waaa unexpected. I just can say UNEXPECTED. Talked about much in that phone. He's singing, he's 'ngegombal' acieee hahaha. Much much much. Melted. Ouch. Hahaha. And the most important, you can make me forget him. I don't I don't, I don't wanna make you as my impingement of my feeling only. No. Don't you know that i've ever like you at JHS past? I can tell to you and this world that I can falling in love AGAIN! Thanks God:) And I can learn, "all the people's words is out of their capable"

Thankyou (lotta love)

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  1. Linda, adorei o seu blog, mas agora sou sua seguidora com muito carinho e orgulho. Parabens!
    Espero que você goste do meu Blog também.


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