Thursday, October 27, 2011

what i want

You know? My phone was sooo old. Yaa, it's about 4 years i used it. I wanna change the new one but my dad disagree cause i always aks anything. Hmm. My dad didn't know how old my phone is :3 Hwhwhwhwhwhw. Then i must able to reach this! I must obey to my parents so i can get thiiisssssssssssss

Xperia x8 awwww...i've search the spesification, price, and the color. Hehehehe. Like an addict. Really i want thisssss. Umm, but i have one problem. I have many permanent message texts on my phone. How should i do to moving it if I truly buy this? How how how? Save on the sim card? It wasn't enough. The amount of messages is a hundred++ for inbox and sent items, it's about 200-250. hehehehe :( Why should  i do to move it?

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