Monday, September 5, 2011

Still YOU.

It is about soooo long. You've been leave me. I think you will laugh laugh and laugh if you read this cause till now, i'm still thinking seriously about how we were became like this. Oke i know, you are too far to i catch. But i'll not catch you. I just wanna love you. I'm not waiting for you. I know, it really impossible to us for being like that, like what? umm i think you know, like a past. The best memories i have. I'm not overrated. It's right. I know i always makes you like flying to the sky till high. I always admire you as my idol, maybe? You feel it? Yaa. And now, i will decrease little by little my 'overrated'. I'll not forget you, cause i can't. Maybe till next year, ten years again, twenty thirty or fifty years again. But i don't hope you anymore cause i realized that you never ever thinking of me anymore. In fact, i try to thinking another. Some people come, but i deny. It just because i don't love. I can accept but i'll make it just a 'game to play' but it never happen. Whereas, they just wanna texted me only, but i was deny. I'm waiting for someone change my life till i can forget you. I know it's difficult. Okay i'll talking about your revolution. I think, you're look different, hihi more handsome maybe? I don't know, i never see you. I just see you on facebook. Hmm boo. And i hope you're not being 'wild' or rather like 'more wild'. It's's not like you. You fool yourself. You beat yourself. Huh. I don't like you like this. But nothing less. I like you to change, but for being better and not the worse. I hope you did. I remember that i should give a big thanks to you. Because of you breaking up our relation, you gimme time to thinking what i was doing, what was my failure. And because of what you've did, i can be more have a principle of life, i can thinking more maturely. And i just think if you never did it, i just can be like that, always like that, like a kid that you don't like. Hmm. Crazy and over. I remember that i was stupid. It just my fault, i know. Hmm. Okay, but i never regret all cause it's should be happen. I wanna you more to love yourself, it's ok that you forget me. I'm okay :) I'm okay that you leave me. I'm just okay. Tooo late, but better than never. I think you just forget and you being more wild, i'm enjoy, i'm not hurt. I don't know why...Maybe i've make this a habit then i never feeling miserable anymore. Honestly, you're better before with me. Can i repeat the time? And i will hope, i can change you become better, more better than a past. What can i do for you to be better and never trap into your friends? I'm sad. It's hard to rearrange you being like that again. I know you're confused with the words i'm saying...but i just want the best for you. For this time i just can remember a beautiful memories so that i'm not sad :D Remember when my friend was tell me what you did :) you wrote my name on your fingers. It's sweeet hihi. And can i comment? Dulu kamu lebay :)

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