Sunday, September 11, 2011


The meaningful pendant :) It was from him, the love. Always keep on my wallet and never be used. Just intactly kept. Umm. I miss the one who gave me this. Hey babyyyy, can't you hear the voices "I MISS YOU" ? Perhaps you don't remember me :) it just a waste when i say i miss you. I just keep it inside my heart. But i'm still wanna hear your condition all the time. How's the way? But i can heal all just with your pooh you gave to me. Thanks for every things that ever you give. It can make me comfort and always remember you. It always make me miss you. Hmmm...
It's okay, if we just stay here and thinking about this, just this againandagainandagain we never going forward to see our future. Just leave, leave leave leave :) Save all the memories and one day we can open that memories. Just save it's not mean that we will forget all. We just do save. savesaveandsave all. Just thinking easy. Umm. Something like a wind, come and then go anyway..don't thinking too hard. Cause here we don't need stress. We just wanna funfunfun. Our life is the best thing in the part of life. Sooo, enjoy! :D

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