Friday, August 12, 2011


The promises now just on mouth and never be real. It's what the teenagers did. All of teenager. And i was the stupid victim. Soooo dumb. Actually, so sick when i always here. But i can't moved on. Cause till now i need him. Thousand sweet promises through but now you just walked away. But now it just wasted away. Don't you remember? When the beautiful moments at JHS, or maybe Elementary School that now you forget. When you reach my heart. When you were mine. The 'too bad to remember' moments that always you deem as ' too sweet to forget' moments. I hope you read this. Though unlikely you read this. This is all. Just like tricked by you. Like you set this 'game', this drama. Like you're a sutradara and i'm the actress. I'm too stupid. But i can't forget you anyway. What's my fault? Didn't you said that we never have anyproblems? But you reneges anyway. You just said that you just wanna be own. It's not fair for me. We permanently broke. Whereas, at first you just said that we just break up   and not severe as break up. But you did it. Ih. gue gemes ama lo! Rawr. I never expect this. I miss when we're be secret admirer each other. You became my 'intel' and i did too. It's not bad if i say that it's too sweet to forget. Toooooo sweeet. I've been grew it since i was a kid. And i can't forget you as fast as you forget me. I wonder, why can you erase me fastly? You make me upset. Make me desperate in love and let me down anyway. Just one that i wanna ask for you. Perhaps if you still love me, don't ever afraid if i will repeat all the failure again. But if you don't love me anymore, i will waiting for you to come back. How long it is. As i can. If i am no longer strong, maybe we're not a fate :) But when i still going strong, i will always pray that you'll be my fate and i'll be your fate.

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