Thursday, August 18, 2011

One of the famous

Calvin Jeremy. Sure you know. I uses his song for being my blog's backsound :D He's great, cool, handsome, haha. He uses a 'behel' and i love it too :* I love his 'behel' and his face and his voices certainly. No many reason to love him. He tremendously great with his voices. Aw aw If you're girl, you must love him! ~maksa hehehehe
I found his youtube account, you can see his videos on it. and here is fanpage of Calvin Jeremy on facebook: Calvin Jeremy. You can also follow him on twitter @calvinjeremy. I'll recomend his adorable song, those are: Tetap Setia, Wanita Terindah, Maaf, and Sampai Disini. And the most overrated song for me is Tetap Setia. His new single: Wanita Terindah.

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