Monday, August 22, 2011

I Never

I'm sorry, i really never have a preparation to accept what will you do next. Maybe, if you admire someone else i still accept, cause it's your choice. But if you have another, i don't know whether i'm still alive here. I know i'm selfish. But i can't fool my deeply heart though maybe outside my heart have looking for another. I'm not over, i'm just frontally say in here. Haha. Hmm. Okay stop it. I'm tired. Huh. No, no, i'm not tired to waiting you. But i'm really tired. This day is so tired and bored. I want to sleep but on 4 p.m i have appointment. I hope i'm not sleep too long. Bye. I'll sleep. Preparing an energy to 'ngabuburit' :D

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